It's 4 am and I've been wide awake for two and a half hours.  AURGH.



Hello, Blog!  I keep thinking I'm back for real, and then life gets in the way again.  I'm sorry for that.  I think about you a lot more than I actually show up here.

Lots of busyness in my world right now.  Work got extra exciting yesterday and may simmer down over the next day or two, but then again, it may not!

We finished work on the garage, and it's nice to have such a large, well-laid out storage space.  We've also finished emptying out our two storage units- wohoo!  Now we have to get our junk organized, and prepare for a giant garage sale. 

I haven't knit a stitch since the Olympics.  Since I became a monogamous knitter a couple years ago, I always have a lull between major projects.  While I'm not sure what I'll cast on next, I've got a couple ideas brewing.

That's all the news for now!


Medals ceremony

Cue the national anthem!

Knitting Olympics Medal




Gold Medal Photoshoot

My Ravelypics Cobblestone as modeled by Mr. C.  
Team Austin Project 
Pattern: Cobblestone by Jared Flood  
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith Shetland Aran  
Needles: Addi turbo circs, sizes 7 and 8 
Approximate age of stash used: 2 or 3 years in my stash, a lot longer in its prior owner's stash 
Finish Date & Time: Thursday, February 25th around 10:00 pm  (Started February 12th- 14 days!!)


And one of me:

Raveled here.



I finished knitting, finishing, and blocking cobblestone last night.
I'm a winner!

Hopefully we can do a photo shoot on Saturday.

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Going really well....

I finished my second sleeve this morning and am about to join for the yoke. I don't want to jinx anything, but this is going a little too smoothly.... (Knitting [Cobblestone](/patterns/library/cobblestone-pullover)) Total progress as of 2/20

And in my other challenge, I'm down 2 pounds (I did start before Wednesday), which means I am 8 pounds away from leaving obesity and being merely overweight.


Ravelympics, and another challenge

Well, I didn't make it to my 17 inches yesterday.  I did make it to 15.25, which is still pretty good.  We're going to a concert tonight so I don't know how much knitting time I'll get in before we go.  Hopefully about an hour? 

I've decided to add a challenge to my February and into March- revamping the old diet.  I gained around 40 pounds after our wedding, hovered there for a year and a half, and have lost about 10 pounds.  I am still technically obese.  My recent blood work indicates that while my blood sugar levels are technically normal, they're higher than they should be.  I do not want to end up with diabetes.  I do not want to suffer the adverse health effects associated with obesity.  I do not want to have foot and back pain any more. It is time to shape up, literally and figuratively!

Today is Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, and tomorrow begins the season of Lent.  While I am not as religious as I once was, I love the discipline of Lent. 

So, in observance of Lent, I am giving up refined carbs and sugar for the next 40 days (until Easter).  I plan to follow a sort of Atkins/South Beach/low-glycemic index- type plan by almost eliminating refined carbs for the first two weeks, and possibly adding in fruit or whole grains a couple times a week after that.  I'm also going to attempt to limit dairy, though not eliminate it completely.  This leaves me free to enjoy lean protein and a vast array of fresh veggies. I've found that this type of eating is good for my weight, allows me to feel satisfied, helps get my blood sugar/cholesterol in better shape, and gives me lots of energy.  The first couple days are rough as I get over the sugar withdrawals, but I hope to be back on track by Monday.

I don't foresee any interference with the Ravelympics- knitting is not like a marathon that requires major carb-loading, much to my chagrin. :-)